Family Ministry

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Welcome to Elshaddi International church
Family ministry often takes the shape of family targeted education programs such us parents and marriage education programs support groups for families dealing with various life issues (illness, disability, divorce ) and counseling services for families in crisis. Family ministry refers not only to family targeted programs.
Goals of family ministry as Elshaddi international church
1. Primairly preventation: to equip individuals and families with revelent biblical truths and
healthy family skills.
2. To encourage and empower families as the primary context of spritual formation
3. Focused on building family strengths and detouring unhealthy dynamics
4. To develop a strong social support system for families
5. Serving both in traditional and non traditional family types
6. Take responsibility for the spiritual direction of their family
7. Integrating into every other aspect of church life.
As Elshaddi International Church family Ministry some families want or need to learn new
information or skills that will help them with their particular situation in life.
There is a parent education, marriage class, family suppory …. also councillor programs.