Gospel Ministry

We are a church that believes in Jesus Christ and the followers and This is where you should start.

Gospel Ministry refers to preach the word in season and out of season and declare the mightly acts of God.
Elshaddi International church Gospel Movement or Ministry
1) National or Wide Gospel Movement
As Elshaddi international church Gospel Movement the First one is National Gospel Movement as we all know that at national level Gospel movement is to change society and make them know about Jesus christ and bring them from darkness to life light. Elshaddi international church nationality moved across lots of Ethiopia counties but most of them are rural areas that Gospel hasn’t even been heard only in 2021 greater than 5000 peoples has given their life to Jesus christ through this gospel movement. PRAISE THE LORD!
2) Market place Gospel Movement
Elshaddi International church Gospel even will inter in market places mostly in rural areas because in Ethiopia culture their is one day of the week which is a market day that many people across their country come to buy also sell and Elshaddi international church inter to the maketplace and make lots of people to hear about Jesus christ by Passing many mountains, hills also lots of struggles as we always say Gospel will be preached in season and also out of season.
3) One to one/House to House/ Gospel Movement
Elshaddi International church also have one to one Gospel Movement still most of our Gospel movement is in rural areas and in Ethiopia most peoples gets out of their home for maket or work otherwise they are at home specially mother’s and children’s so by moving in the rural area by foot because the places we pass though are not places that car can get into so by passing every struggle by foot Gospel will told one to one for peoples who don’t even have no idea about Jesus christ still know many peoples are healed also delivered the main thing is that they have
given their life to Jesus Christ! PRAISE THE LORD!