Women’s Ministry

We are a church that believes in Jesus Christ and the followers and This is where you should start.

Welcome to Eshaddi international international church women’s ministry.The mission of the women’s ministries department of Elshaddi international church is to model Jesus Christ through meaningful relationship and effective ministries.

Objectives or Goals of Women’s ministry
– provide opportunities for women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and
– Elevate women as persons of worth
– address the concerns of women
– Build networks among women
– mentor young women, teens and girls
– promote opportunities for wider services for women
– to use their talents and spiritual gifts for the Glory of God in the church and community.

Focus of Women’s ministries

Part of the goals of the women’s ministries should be to ensure that every women in the church experiences a life- changing r/ship with Jesus. Even social events should have a time of spritual emphasis such as a devotional that is thoughtfully planned to inspire


Women’s ministries in concerned with outreach as well as “in-reach” ministering to the women who attend church should not be the only goal. Im order for women’s ministers to enhance the entire church program and encourage women to use all their spiritual gifts to God’s
glory, women’s ministers should be very deliberate about inviting
1) non-attending members and
2) women from the community to every women’s ministries event.

A Final word

As you spend time in prayer for guidance, the holy spirit will give us a clear vision for a ministry that will bless, encourage and inspire the women in the church as well as in the community. God will give you special wisdom and inspiration for a ministry that will glorify him
and start ripples of influence and blessing that continue into eternity.